Traitement enzymatique


Avoid  next  contamination!

Proclean ensures mastery of the hygiene of your facilities until decontamination.

Biofilm contamination

Biofilm, a recurrent problem

Biofilm is a critical source of contamination and difficult to remove. Indeed, it can grow on various surfaces in the food industry: heat exchangers, tanks, cooling systems, food lines, membrane filters, … In some cases, biofilms are responsible for serious contamination of finished products, causing serious consequences such as the closure of production lines, synonymous with significant economic losses.

To eliminate biofilm, must first destroy the organic matrix to release the bacteria, which are then susceptible to disinfection.

The enzyme solution for surfaces

Proclean has developed a biofilm audit and marketed a range of products for preventive and curative treatments of biofilms:

1) Detection of BIOFILM   :

Proclean has set up an audit protocol facilities for the presence of biofilm on open surfaces or cleaning in place (CIP). The audit is conducted after the phase of cleaning and disinfection.

Cleaning in open areas

At any stage of the manufacturing cycle of a food product there are risks of biofilm contamination. A biofilm is a nest of bacteria protected by an organic matrix which adheres to the surfaces (open or closed) of the installations. If biofilms cause problems is because:

– They are invisible

– Their protective matrix prevents disinfectants from reaching the bacteria and therefore eliminate them.

The Biofilm Detection Kit is a patented technology developed to detect and visualize contamination linked to a biofilm through a unique process of blue color.

Kit biofilm contamination food
biofilm agroalimentaire realco virage convoyeur positif présence très importante

The blue color specifically adheres to organic substances EPS (Extracellular Polymeric Substances) forming the protective matrix of the biofilm.

2) Enzymatic Treatment:

To help you achieve an optimal level of hygiene, Proclean offers a range of products to provide preventive and curative treatments of biofilms. BIOREM the range is a complex and very specific enzyme cocktail that is the only one to degrade the protective biofilm matrix. Once destroyed the matrix, the released bacteria become accessible to disinfectants.

Traitement enzymatique

  • Curative treatment: eliminate biofilm with the range BIOREM

    Proclean offer a customized approach. Appropriate decontamination protocol will be established to ensure optimal health of your plants.

  • Preventive treatment: avoid recontamination

    After the curative, preventive treatment will be applied to prevent re-contamination by biofilm and ensure high hygiene control.

soude nettoyage biofilm enzyme nettoyage biorem enzyme biofilm nettoyage
Biofilm after conventional treatment  Biofilm before treatment Biofilm after enzymatic treatment


The enzyme solution for circuits (NEP / CIP)

PROCLEAN and in collaboration with HYPRED REALCO and offers an enzymatic treatment with curative sampling to highlight the presence of “bacteria forming the biofilm” within the identified circuits. biofilm
Highlighting biofilms in circuits
  1. Identification de la source du biofilm au sein de l’outil de production
  • Diagnostic  installation / process  :

– Identify circuits (circuits / objects / modules … doubtful).

– Determination of the volume and loop settings (maintaining T °) for processing.

  1. Curative treatment :
  • Establishment of an enzymatic cleaning protocol
  • Application of the method of identification of Biofilm

– Sampling during the enzymatic treatment

– Sample Analysis: To determine the presence of conventionally associated with biofilm contamination bacteria

  1. preventive treatment and monitoring of the installation
  • The eradication of the biofilm is not final. It is necessary to prevent contamination of the facility,
  • Regular preventive enzyme treatment is recommended.
  • Frequency: To be determined by technical advisor PROCLEAN