Proclean represents a wide range of essential hygiene products for Hotellier sector and catering specifically to the floor, laundry, cooking and water treatment.


Impeccable hygiene is essential to protect your brand. The cleanliness of your establishment has a direct impact on experiences and perceptions of your customers and influences their loyalty and the image of their stay they will and will convey in their surroundings. That is why it is essential to give a great first impression of freshness and cleanliness. This improves customer satisfaction and help you achieve your economic goals.


PROCLEAN offers consumables and cleaning and disinfection solutions for different markets.


The products are designed to provide effective and specific answers to each problem in all professional environments.


The ranges cover customer needs in food hygiene, sanitation, laundry, floors, surfaces, hands, etc … But also in disinfection, odor treatment, truck, equipment.

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