Produits de nettoyage, de décapage et dégraissage

These products are intended for:

– Clean surfaces and items of all traces of corrosion, limestone, tar and grease, paint, etc …

– Cleaning hands in the workshop.

– Degreasing parts and tools of all traces of oil and grease.

Orange crème Orarenov Oratartre Décapant 6642
Cleansing Cream Hand made orange extract, surfactant of vegetable origin and pumice micronized powder. Cleaner renovator allowing the aqueous degreasing for all metal and plastic surfaces or we want to avoid the risk of corrosion at low dilution rate (2-15%) Descaling acid cleaner cement, limestone, scale inhibitors for metal surfaces (stainless steel, copper, steel …) Super industrial paint remover, seals and plastic residues
NDI 507 Brillinox 586 Fontaine dégraissage 7000061 Fontaine dégraissage 7000061
NDI 507 BRILLINOX 586 Degreasing Fountain 7000061 ORASOLV P
powerful industrial degreaser that leaves no residue on evaporation, which also allows the cleaning of surfaces for subsequent painting. degreasing solvent containing a brightening agent for stainless steel surfaces and aluminum. electric fountain with a cleaning capacity of up to 45 liters (large tray) and 2.5 liter (tray for small parts & tools) degreasing solvent for all mechanical parts and metal surfaces with a high flash point (60 ° C) to work safely.
A90H 508 Décolleur
Nonflammable solvent high electrical and electronic technology and rapid evaporation. No flash point, it ensures total user security. Solvent cleaning for all materials soiled with cyanoacrylate glue. Peeling pieces glued to the GLUE.