Produits de lubrification

Introduce a fatty substance between two bodies to:

-Reduce Friction,

-diminuer overheating,

-reduce wear

-avoid corrosion

-Improve The performance,

-increase Life mechanisms.

CB6 806 CB 5 ORACOUP 252 Graisse semi-synthétique NANO 2010
CB6 806 CB 5 ORACOUP 252 semi-synthetic grease NANO 2010
lubricant cleanser chains in very dusty environments at high temperatures (280 ° C). Color: clear yellow cleaner lubricant for chains and gears with high operative temperatures in very dusty environments Soluble cutting oil versatile low dose, bio-stable machining operations of ferrous and non-ferrous. semi-synthetic grease high performance based NANO high temperature (230 ° C), high speed (8000 rev / min), long and multifunction.
 Graisse blanche NANO 2035  CT 615  CT 14  LM 50
White grease NANO 2035  CT 615 CT 14  LM 50
NANO fluid based lubricant for open gears, chains, sprockets, gears … CT 615 is a white grease perfectly suited for food processing and agro-food. CT 615 is a grease particularly suitable for uses in the presence of water, moisture. CT 14 is a grease “lithium” EP2, multipurpose high quality thanks to outsized performance additives. CT 14 has a significant adhesion with respect to metals as well as good water resistance and dust dope with a very high graphite responsible for lubrication and assembly.Lubrication of mechanisms operating at high temperature.
Oil silicone mold release, anti-adhesion and lubrication. Oil silicone mold release, anti-adhesion and lubrication. Dry lubricant composed of dust particles of molybdenum disulphide to pretreatment before mounting any metal or plastic assemblies, anti-wear treatment and protection against fretting corrosion and friction.