Agri-food industry

Skin hygiene

As an uncontested leader in the agri-food industry, Proclean is present in the majority of dairy, cannery, beverage and fat industries …Proclean offers solutions for the hygiene of surfaces, circuits, atmosphere, personnel and lubrication of conveyors.

This range presents the characteristics and conditions of the most frequently used products at the work place for personal hygiene.
They cover several categories: skin cleaning products as bactericidal liquid soap and hydro-alcoholic gels.

    Liquid bactericidal soap (EN 1276 and EN1499).


    Liquid soap for hand hygiene (bactericide EN1040 and EN1276). (Bactéricide EN 1040  et EN 1276).


    Ready to use hydro-alcoholic gel (bactericide EN1500 and EN 1040 fungicide EN 1275 and vuricide EN 14476). (Bactéricide EN 1500  et EN 1040 Fongicide EN 1275 et Virucide EN 14476).


    Neutral pH liquid for hand disinfection (bactericide EN 1040 and EN 1276). (Bactéricide EN 1040  et EN 1276).