Proclean commercializes a wide range of cleaning and disinfection equipment for industrial hygiene, as well as stainless steel equipment for hygiene.

Among the most important manufacturer of the stainless steel hygienic equipment, Proclean commercializes resistant instruments that are easy to clean at the highest level of food hygiene safety with diversity and a unique original design for:

Floors, people, equipment, as well as production and storage equipment.

Soil hygiene

Hygiene of persons

Storage equipment

Hygiene of equipment

Storage equipment

Electric washing tunnel 150 BAC/H

Waste management

Box washing tunnel 500 UDS/H

Among the non-controllable expenses in the agri-food sector, the cost of cleaning and disinfection.

PROCLEAN have several complete range for dosing management with simple, reliable and robust system.

Metering of products

Soap dispenser

Disinfectant Mat

Electric Cooler


Jet Neat

Health Center